Remembering our deceased brothers & sisters

Name Rank Notes State Laid to Rest
Abbott, Donald R. Don's father was one of those killed aboard Texas Tower 4. Don was an Air Force veteran. MA Nov 2011
Ackerman, Robert L. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1957-1960 MI Mar, 2008
Airey, Paul W. CMsgtAF First Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force FL 03/11/09
Alford, Gerald Jerry MSgt 786th - Minot AFS ND 11/06/10
Allard, Lawrence F. Lt Col. 707th Commander 1959-1961; decorated WWII fighter pilot, serving with the Mighty Eighth - shot down and was a POW for 14 months in Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany. 02/24/08
Allen, Lawrence W. MSgt HQ 1st AF, Stewart AFB, NY; 20th SURS, Eglin AFB, FL; Cape Cod AFS, MA Unknown
Alley, Charles 707th Radio Maint, 1960-63 Feb, 2010
Allison, William D. 707th 1958 - 1961 Operations NC Mar-11
Arnold, Ray E. Lt Col. Some of the radar sites he commanded were at Condon, OR, Mill Valley, CA, and Winnemucca Air Force Station, NV NV October, 2003
Arsnenault, Joseph M. 707th crew chief, 1957-1959 FL November, 2008
Bailey, Mackie CMsgt Cut Bank MT; Miles City MT; Cape Charles VA; Udorn Thialand; Fortuna ND; Fallon NV; (All Radio, Radar and Computer Spec) Hagerstown MD Sector Supervisor Recruitment; GA WV March, 2003
Balut, Ramon R. 707th 1958-1960 VA December, 2015
Barnes, Robert Tex 797th TX May, 2016
Bandur, John MSgt 764th,758th,757th,848th,601st WA Nov-20
Basham, Willard D. 707th 1958 - 1960 Operations MN Feb-11
Beausoleil, Bernard Ft. Yukon, Alaska, Osceola, Wisconsin, and West Berlin, Germany TX Jan, 2016
Berg, Ralph K. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 07/01/99
Bevan, Kenneth W.A.s Lt. Col. Units: In charge of standardization & training at Oklahoma City ADS; two command tours at 779th Opheim AFS, MT; two (or more)? at 694th Lewistown AFS, MT; served in Vietnam;?retired in Lewistown, MT. Additional info: was a pilot in a Canadian unit early in WWII, then moved to US Air Corps after US entered war; flew B-26's in Korea, and then held a reserve commission. CA 07/01/03
Blair, Buddy 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1957-1959 2001
Blanchard, L. M. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 03/01/88
Brauch, Robert (Bob) Radar Maintenance tech in Iceland. AZ Feb 2017
Broadway, Romus 707th 1958-1960 radar operator NJ June 2020
Brock, David A1C Texas Tower #2 10/57-12/58 January, 2002
Brooks, Richard E. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1958-1959 11/01/04
Brown, Sherman 707th radar operations 1958-1960 Nov 2019
Brunetta, Eugene 707th radar operator 1957-1960 Nov 2018
Bryant, Chuck SMSgt 688th AC&WS, Amarillo AFB; 902nd RADS, Miles City AFS; 689th RADS, Mount Hebo AFS; 717th AC&WS, Tatalina AFS; and Det 5, 14th MWS, Fort Fisher AFS KS 11/22/08
Burchardt, Raymond 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1950s WI 10/06/10
Capece, Daniel 707th from 1956-1960 MN 23-Feb-15
Carino, Nicholas 707th AC&W Sqdn. 10/01/01
Carmichael, Joseph H 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Carroll, Quentin A. MSgt 681st AC&W Sqdn. Died in a vehicle accident (6x6 rolled over) on the Duck Lake Rd while driving to the Browning/Babb gap filler. MT 05/11/60
Carter, Richard 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Carter, Robert M. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1957-1959 03/01/05
Casale, Charles (Chuck) Radomes Lifetime Member. Served at Gibbsboro AFS, NJ; Hofn AS, IS; Saratoga Springs AFS, NY CA 2008
Chambrland, Jacques J.L. A1C 775th, Cambria AFS, CA 1961-62; 921st AS, St. Anthony, NF, CA MT 06/26/06
Chapman, Richard A 707th AC&W Sqdn late 1950s 01/09/10
Charney, Andrew 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1958-1959 10/02/10
Cherry, Merril MSgt 20th SURS, Eglin AFB, FL FL 02/01/00
Churchill, Robert (Bob) Fort Fisher AFS, NC, from 5/66-9/67 Summer, 2007
Clements, John E. MSgt Radomes member, John served as a specialist helping in the development of radar and communications equipment systems all over North America. He served from 1950-1954and 1958-1974. He was stationed in Illinois, Mississippi, New York, Texas, North Dakota, Newfoundland, Labrador, Iceland and Charleston, Maine. Mexico 01/07/04
Cline, Dale 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1958-1959 03/01/05
Comstock, Charles (Chuck) SMSgt 758th Hopedael, LB, Can; Hofn, IS; 552AEWC Japan, P.I., Tonopah test range. Retired to Las Vegas, NV NV 09/21/04
Cook, Dee TSgt 84 RADES radar operator UT 07/07/07
Coperthwaite, Al 681st Radar Tech, 1959-61 Nov, 2008
Couch, Donald  707th 1958-1960 NY 2015
Cousineau, Albert J L First Sgt 637th mid-50s, transferred to Army, retired as First Sargeant CA 06/01/98
Covert, Robert W. (Bob) CWO-4 Radomes member US406. Bob was a very early (1948) veteran of ADC VA November, 2002
Crimaldi, Joseph 707th Ops 1959-60 TX 25 Oct 2017
Crinklaw, Jack 637th 02/01/07
Crowe, Ronald C. 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Culler, Richard 707th Motor Pool 1960-63 MN May-18
Czesklebla, Larry W. 707th 1957-59 22 Jan 2020
Dahle-Melsaether, Ole I Col. 56th Radar Squadron, Finland AFS, MN; 23rd Air Division, Duluth AFB, MN 25 Jan 2001
Dale, Percy 707th AC&W Sqdn., early 1960s 01/09/98
Daugherty, Roy 663rd, Lake City AFS, TN TN 02/2006
Davis, Wilbur  707th MI
Daw, Arthur MSgt 5040th Civil Engineering Group, Elmendorf AFB, also several Alaskan AC&W sites. AK 04/11/09
Deits, Charles C. (Chuck) CMSgt Radomes Life member. Served at many radar sites, as well as the 552nd AEW&C AL November, 2011
Derganz, Albert J. SMSgt (Ret) Keesler AFB, MS, Several Radar Sites in the US, Alaska, and Thailand. Radar Maintenance and 1st Sgt., Instructor at Keesler for many years. February, 2004
Dixon, Tom Texas Tower #4 VA June 9th, 2001
Dorminy, William Radomes Member US7 FL August, 2001
Dubois, Albert M 707th AC&W Sqdn. TX March, 2004
Dubord, Robert J 707th AC&W Sqdn. MN Nov, 2002
Dugger, Russell Radomes member, 702, 693, 644, 698 AC&W Sq.,4604th S. Sq.,& More AL 08/14/07
Eddy, Franklin L. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 06/01/89
Eilbert, Larry Pinetree Line Dec 7th, 2001
Elder, Cranston 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1960 03/01/98
Elliott, George E. Jr. His unheeded warning about aircraft approaching Pearl Harbor was depicted in history books and movies like `Tora, Tora, Tora,`. He was 85. The former Army radar operator detected the incoming Japanese aircraft on Dec. 7, 1941; he issued a warning, which was brushed aside. Nearly an hour later, the enemy planes reached the Navy fleet in the harbor. FL December, 2003
Ellis, George E. Mgen Site Engineer at the 712th AC&W NE Cape, Alaska. Major General George E. Jud Ellis is director of engineering and services, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and Engineering, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. 01/12/01
Ervin, Johnny F. 707th 1959 - 1961 Operations FL Mar-11
Evans, Don 707th Tech Rep 1956-? WA Oct-13
Fear, John Col. Commander of the 665th, Calumet AFS, MI from 1971 to 1974
Felrath, Paul 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Ferraro, Ralph 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1958-1959 1970s
Ficek, Otto P. Raytheon Tech Rep Dickinson AFS, ND ND Sept, 2002
Fitzgerald, Charles W. “Chief Fitz” CMSgt Man radar stations AR 03/01/2013
Fitzgerald, Robert A. Radomes Member US104 MA August, 2001
Flagg, Wallace 707th 1958 - 1960 Air Police NY May-13
Fleming, Linwood MSgt Medical Technician, 716th Kalispell 1969-72, 632nd Roanoke Rapids 1972-74 July, 1980
Fortmuller, Robert Bob Radomes Lifetime member, 788,756,937,653,627,DUADS PA Dec, 2004
Fralick, Verne MSgt Radomes Member, 931 ACWS & many other assignments AZ Nov, 2005
Franklin, James 707th AZ Aug-10
Frederick, Donald R. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1989
Friesen, Gary 623rd ACW Associations President CA 01/10/10
Froning, Larry D 707th Ops 1956-58 IA July 2013
Gaizauskas, Bruno C Age 84.? Command Pilot with 28 years service.? Flew combat missions in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.? Assigned to the 707th AC&W Sqd in the late 50?s? Bruno?s love of life and sense of humor will be missed by all who knew him.?
Gantz, Mike Indian Mtn AFS, AK ID 04/01/08
Gaughan, Donald J 707th Comm 1961-62 TX May 2009
Gaydosh, Bernard 707th AC&W Sqdn. 06/01/85
George, Richard L 707th Radar Maint 1959-60 SD Dec 2017
Gilbertson, Leland 707th Ops 1959 FL Dec 2004
Gilbertson, Peter 707th Radar Maint 1960-61 WI Nov 2016
Gilmore, Cas 707th AC&W Sqdn. 03/01/86
Glasheen, Robert R. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 04/01/03
Goetz, Karl Radomes Life Member, 4604Supt, 662nd,792nd SC Jan 2016
Goodin, Cecil (Doc) TSgt 707th AC&W Sqdn, 1959-1963 03/01/09
Gordon, James A. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1958-1960
Guite, Gerald R. 707th 1962 - 1963 Radar Maint - was auctioneer at AFRMA reunions WA Jun-15
Gundlach, John Sgt 714th ac&w Cold Bay, AK. 644th ac&w, Richmond AFS, FL FL August 12th 1999
Haas, David 707th 1957-1859 TX January, 2018
Hamill, Robert W. 707th 1957 - 1958 in Operations MN 29-Oct-18
Halcomb, Joe M. CMsgt Radomes member US423 TN May, 2002
Hall, Ralph A MSgt 25 Air Div,635th,781st,687th,858th,Eglin AFB - Radomes member US388. Ralph served in the Air Force for 21-1/2 years, retiring with the rank of Master Sargent settling in Tacoma. He hosted the 25th Air Division Retirees Breakfast and was a Docent at the McChord Air Force Base Museum. WA Aug, 2006
Ham, C. W. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 07/01/01
Hamblen, William R. 707th 1959-1961 Radar Maintenance 29 Oct 2018
Hargreaves, James W. 1st Sgt 707th AC&W Sqdn, late 50s-early 60s 10/01/02
Harrison, Beecher 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1956-1959 03/01/04
Harvey, Robert L. 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Head, Odell 707th AC&W Sqdn, 1962-1963 04/01/07
Heffron, Richard E. 707th Ops 1958-59 WI Sept 2010
Hegwood, Ronald D. 707th Late 50s 26 May 2021
Heidt, Eldon L 707th Supply Officer 1959-1961 NY Feb 2015
Heikkila, Eino 707th RCA Tech Rep 19502 AZ Jan 2016
Heim, Frederick (Ted) 707th AC&W Sqdn. Victoria, Australia May, 2005
Herbert, Donald 707th AC&W Sqdn. Operations 1957-59 2006
Herrick, George A. Ssgt 743rd-764th-766th-770th VT Mar 26, 2013
Hotchkiss,  Lonnie 707th    Ops      67-69 Dec-81
Huckabee, Dr. Lannis BGen US Air Force 1958-1964, A1C, 642nd AC&W Sqdn.; SC Army National Guard 1981-1999, Colonel (Col); SC State Guard 1999-2007, Brigadier General (BG) South Carolina 06/01/09
Huntley, Steven M  707th 1960-61 30 Jun 2010
Hymes, Charles 707th AC&W Sqdn., late 1950s NC 03/01/02
Ingle, Howard Dennis 707th AC&W Sqdn. 03/01/98
Ingmire, Paul MSgt 1955-58: Air Policeman-Clark AFB, Phillipines; 1962-1981: Student-Heavy Ground Radar School, Keesler AFB, Ms., 922, 787, 608, 737, 757, 605, 780, 792, Air Forces-(Keflavik, Iceland), Retired in 1981 at 1942 Communications Sqd., Homestead?AFB, Fl. OK 05/28/05
Isaacson, Wayne G. LTCol 637th Othello AFS, WA,Otis AFB 1962 to 1964, where he flew EC-121s, Command post at Elmendorf AFB, 1966 to 1969 12/07/99
Jacobs, Morris A LTCol 753rd AC&W, Saulte Ste Marie AFS, MI. Retired from the 753rd in 1964 03/01/07
Jacobs, Robert Jake A2C 786th AC&W Sqdn, 1957-1959. Jake was the webmaster's roommate at the 786th, and a good friend. IL 10/01/08
Jenson, Harley 707th Grand Rapids AFS, MN 1959-1961. Mayor of Marble, Minnesota for many years. MN 07/18/06
Jesse, Richard D. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1956-1958 05/01/77
Johnson, James L. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1958-1960 04/01/04
Johnson, Roland Civ 786th ACWRON/RADS, Minot AFS, ND 1956-1979, where he was a RCA electronics tech rep. Roland stayed on as caretaker after the site closed, until 1981 when he retired. ND 08/07/00
Johnson, Russell V. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 11/01/89
Johnson, Wyatt M. CMSgt 780th AC&W, Fortuna, ND SC 02/27/09
Johnston, Hugh 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1950s 08/06/06
Jones, Bobby D. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1956-1958 10/01/87
Kale, Percy D 707th AC&W Sqdn, early 1960s 01/09/98
Kapuscinski,Leonard 707th Crypto 1961-63 TX Oct 2009
Karst, Tom 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 06/01/93
Karvunis, John 707th AC&W Sqdn. 05/01/81
Kelleher, Gerald C. BGen Presidential Citation, Combat Infantryman`s Badge, two Distinguished Crosses, Silver Star with six clusters, a Distinguished Service Medal, Bronze Star with (V) device and Purple Heart. He also has been honored with Britain`s second highest award, the Distinguished Service Order for action during the Battle for Standaarbutten, Holland. As Commander of the 414th Infantry Regiment of the 104th Timberwolf Division in Germany and, as a colonel, he led the first United States Infantry forces to engage the Germans in World War II. During the African Campaign, he was captured twice by the famed Afrika Corps and managed to escape both times. He also headed a US Security detail at the Neurenburg Trials. In addition to Britain`s award, he was also awarded France`s Croix de Guerre with Palm, The Russian Order of Suvorou and he is an Honorary Colonel in the 2nd Spahis, a famous French Cavalry unit. NY November, 2003
Kelley, Franklyn W TSgt 786th ACWRON/RADS, Minot AFS, ND ND May, 2003
Kelly, Oresta A MSgt 707th 1959-1962 Sept 2004
Kennedy, Robert E. 707th 1956 – 1960, Supply Sept 2014
Kerr, William B. A1C 759th ACWRON Operations Oct-17
King, John Radomes Member US259, 656th, 782nd, Hqs NORAD, Hqs ADC, Det 2 620th VA March, 2003
Kinney, Robert W. TSgt ?823rd RADRON, Mica Peak AFS, Spokane, WA. , 778th RADRON, Havre AFS, MT., Great Falls ADS, Malmstrom AFB, MT., 12th MWSq, BMEWS, Thule AB, Greenland. WA Oct, 2003
Kioc, Henry D. (Hank) A1C 637th Othellow, WA; Okanogan, WA Gap Filler; 710the Tin City, AK (1960-64?) MI Aug, 2017
Kipp, Leo Civilian 648th RADS, Benton AFS, PA, Air Conditioning Shop PA
Knippel, Charles R. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 10/01/00
Kongsjord, Raymond 707th AC&W Sqdn 1950s 1974
Koski, Benhard 707th AC&W Sqdn., late 1950s 03/01/06
Kreiling, C. Duane (Doc) 786th AC&W Sqdn, 57-58, Clark AB, PI, Okinawa. Retired from USAF in 1976; Vietnam Veteran. A personal very good friend of the site maintainer many years ago. TX Aug, 2005
Leckman, Dean MSgt 786 RADS, Minot AFS, ND FL 11/01/04
L'Ecuyer, Ren Pinetree Line - started and ran www.pinetreeline.org. He was directly responsible for the beginnings of Radomes. Mexico July, 2005
Lehnherr, David E. 707th from 1957-1960 in Radio Maint. WI 11/01/2012
Leitch, Robert 707th AC&W Sqdn. 11/01/81
Leluan, Sidney 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1958 Sept 1999
Lindberg II, Carl A. LTCol Private in the 216th?Coast Artillery (Jan, 1941) to Lt. Colonel, USAF?(retired in 1969). 915th ACW, Sioux Lookout, Ont. (1960-61); 692nd ACW, Baudette, MN (1961-63); 626th ACW Fire Island, AK (1964-65); 757th ACW, Blaine, WA (1966-69); Carl also flew B-25s (428th BS) in WWII, B-26s (37th BS) in Korean War; and the EC-121 (552th WG, McClelland AFB), plus various MATS aircraft. 02/05/10
Lutomierski, Leonard L 707th AC&W Sqdn. 04/01/05
Madden, Donna L. LTCol Fort Lee VA, 20th NORAD Region FL Mar 2010
Maloney, Stephen J. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 01/01/86
Marrill, Harlan E 707th AC&W Sqdn. 03/01/91
Martin, Alan J. MSgt 20 SCS, Eglin AFB, 1970-81 FL 2016
Martin, Stanley P Lt 707th AC&W Sqdn. CT 02/14/06
Marvin, George C Major Joined the Army Air Corps as an aviation cadet in 1941, graduating in the class of 42-1 and earning his wings at Maxwell Field in Selma, AL. After serving there as a flight instructor, he was stationed with the 97th Sqdn, 82nd Fighter Group in Foggia, Italy, where as a Captain he was flight leader and operations officer, piloting his P38 Lightning fighter plane named Paddy throughout World War II. In 1950, he was recalled into the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and remained in the U.S. Air Force until 1973. His service career took him to many places, including Nagoya, Japan, and St. Anthony, Newfoundland. In 1958 he took command of Charleston Air Force Station, Maine, where he lived with his family for six years. In 1964, he was transferred to Europe at SHAPE Hq. in Fontainbleu, France and later Brunssum, Holland. He flew C7A Caribou transports in Viet Nam from 1968 to 1969, stationed at Phu Cat. His last assignment was as commander of Othello Radar Station, Washington. NY 07/22/04
Masden, Samuel C. MSgt Hancock Field NY 21st Air Div/ Norad region, Griffiss AFB NY 24th Air Div, Northeast Air Defense Sector, Saint Albans VT 764th AC&W Squadron, Langley AFB, HQ 1st Air Force VT Jan, 2002
McCall, David H. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1959-1960 08/01/02
McCall, Johnson D 647th ,771st Det 3, 528th, 934th, 796th, 733rd, 660th Det3, 619th, 28th AD, 35th AD. Radomes member since 2001. GA 10/01/07
McCarthy, Eugene F. 707th Radar Maint 1957-58 MN Sept 2016
McClure, James L. TSgt 684th AC&W, Mt. Lemmon, AZ, Canal Zone, 758th AC&W, known as Neah Bay now Makah AFS AZ 03/11/01
McGillvray, Clarence 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957 ? 1959 Sept 1977
McKeever, Michael R. 707th 1956 - 1959 Operations MN 9 Jun 2013
McMillan, Raymond BGen Former chief of the Airborne Warning & Control System Division, AFSC. VA April, 2002
Merritt, Ollie C. 707th Teletype Maint 1958-59 NC Dec-17
Middleton, Michael Opheim MT, Tin City AK, Murphy Dome AK AZ June, 2005
Mila, Jose 707th Operations, 1957-59 FL Sept 2011
Mitchell, Dewitt N. 707th Supply 1956-57 OR Dec-10
Mitchell, Robert V. 707th 1961 - 1963 Commander NH Jun-10
Nagy, William A 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 06/01/00
Newman, John C 707th, 1959-1963 MN 1 Nov 2011
Nielsen, Arthur G 707th AC&W Sqdn. 06/01/92
Neilson, Tom 707th operations 1958-1960 18 Mar 2022
Nordbo, Odd J. 707th Operations 1957-58 WA Sept 2017
Olson, Rickard 707th AC&W Sqdn. 01/01/94
Owens, James 707th AC&W Sqdn. 01/01/05
Parker, Raeford TSgt NCOIC of 701st RADS Height Finder and Search radar section also (FPS-107). Retired 71 or 72. 02/01/07
Parkes, Harry 707th AC&W Sqdn. 2001
Payne, Ralph C. MSgt 20th SURS, Eglin AFB, FL AL Unknown
Peifer, Kenneth W Capt USAF WWII Bomber pilot, B-17, B-24; Pearl Harbor survivor; 637th 56-60 CA 10/01/01
Penn, Allison SMSgt 707th AC&W Sqdn, 1960-63 02/05/07
Petersen, Merle 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Pickens, Perry 707th Orderly Rm., 1957-60 NV 11/29/2015
Prettyman, Dennis 777 , 744, and 620. Radomes member VA May, 2006
Proctor, Joseph 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1956-1958 06/01/87
Pullen, Martin J. A1C Dickinson AFS, ND TX 2001
Puntin, Edward J 707th AC&W Sqdn. 11/01/88
Raborn, Orville (Ray) CWO C&E Officer, Cryto Security Officer and Assistant Custodian of Registered Documents. He was assigned to the 4604 Support Sqdn.1/60-/61, Texas Tower #4 9/60-1/61, Texas Tower #2 3/61-6/61. He and his wife have been a member and supporter of Texas Tower Veterans June, 2002
Ralrick, Joseph E. 707th AC&W Sqdn., early 1960s 11/23/06
Ralston, Charles Charley TSgt 706th ACW Sq, Dickinson AFS, ND; 731st Radar Sq, Sundance AFS, W 12/01/06
Reeves, John TSgt Hutchinson AFS; Hof/Doebraberg, Germany; Opheim AFS, MT; Tyndall AFB, FL; Lowry AFB, CO;621 TCS OLAB, Korat, Thailand MO August, 1997
Rich, Billy  707th 1959-60 NC 23 Sep 2016
Rickard, Larry 707th radar operations 1957-1959 NC 25 Jan 2017
Rimmer, Robert R. 707th 1958 - ? Operations MN Sep 2010
Ririe, Otis E. Ed Lifetime AFRMA member, 769th AC&W, Continental Divide AFS, NM OK Jan 2017
Risdon, Donald W. 707th CO Nov 2014
Ritchie, Raymon A 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 05/01/96
Roberts, Raymond E 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1958-1961 MN 16 Oct 2020
Roberts, Robert W. 707th AC&W Sqdn. Sept 1987
Rocha, Rolando T. (Roley) 30372 at Port Austin AFS, MI & North Bend AFS, OR TX Mar, 2005
Ronnermann, Frederick W. 707th AC&W Sqdn., mid-to-late 50s MS Sept 27, 2005
Sakai, Stanley T. 707th radar maintenance 1960 HI Jun-06
Sanders, Ramon C. 707th AC&W Sqdn. 08/31/09
Scanlan, Thomas Lt Col. Galena AFS, AK. Lifetime Radomes member and long-time AFRMA supporter MI June 2 2017
Schaffer, Marvin 707th AC&W Sqdn. 08/01/79
Schroeder, Joseph M. A1C 694th Radar Sq, Lewistown, MT; Great Falls ADS, Malmstrom AFB, MT;706th ACW Sq, Dickinson AFS, ND OR 11/06/03
Schultz, Leslie C. 707th 1959 - ? Operations IA Aug 2013
Schumacher, Ronald J. 707th, Operations 1956-60 03/21/09
Schumacher, David A1C 786th AC&W Sqdn, among others. Dave was a gap-filler team leader. MI 11/01/06
Schwengels, Stanley G. 707th medic 1959-1961 04/08/08
Secrist, Harry 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 06/01/00
Sessions, Pete 610th AC&W Sq, 707th, 1958-1980 scope dope FL May 2020
Shadeck, Jack 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1958 Base Commander MS 10/26/06
Shafer, Fred A1C 757th - Blaine AFS, WA; 759th - Naselle AFS,?WA WA 07/01/07
Shamberger, Don unk 20th SURS, Eglin AFB, FL, Shemya AFS, AK AK Unknown
Sheets, Donald L 707th 1958-60 PA 6 Feb 2016
Shepard, George L. 707th 1957 - 1959 Operations HI Dec-12
Showers, Kenneth A. (April) Sgt Port Austin AFS, MI AZ April, 2005
Shreves, Eugene N. 775th AC&W Squadron, Williams Bay AFS, WI (P-31) WI March 2017
Shultz, John F. CWO4 Served 1941 to 1970. WWII glider pilot, Berlin airlift (1948). 637th AC&W Sq., 58-60 757th AC&W Sq., early 1950s WA 12/01/06
Siegel, I. D. (Snake) Lt. Col. 922 AC&W, Cartwright, Labrador, Commander, 1958-59; 663rd AC&W Sqdn Commander, 1959-60; 739th AC&W Commander; 786th AC&W Sqdn Commander, 1960-61 CA 11/14/04
Singleton, Rex K. 707th AC&W Sqdn 1956-57 Motor Pool, Korean War veteran, USAF retiree. NC 04/25/08
Skeens, Timothy A. 707th Comm 1960-63 AZ Nov 2011
Smith, Gary V MSgt Radomes life member. Served at: 1932nd AACS, Goose Bay, Labrador; Det 43 610th AC & WSQ, Seburiyama, Japan; 810th AC & WSQ, Winston-Salem, NC; 786 Radar Sq, Minot, ND; 612 Radar Sq, Ajo, AZ; 701st Radar Sq, Ft. Fisher, NC; 303x0 School - Instructor, Keesler, MS; 5th TCGp, Clark AB, Philippines; Mt. Hebo, OR; Tyndall AFB, FL; 621st TCS, Udorn, Thailand; Det 5 621st TCS, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand; 776th Radar Sq, Point Arena, CA; 1956th Comm Grp, Yokota, Japan NC 06/01/11
Smith, Gerald B SMSgt 621,634,635,638,640,665,689,711 ACWS - Radomes member WA 03/22/06
Smith, Gerald W “Jerry” CMSgt Bronze Star Vietnam War, 703rd AC&W Sq. Texarkana AFS, Arkansas in the mid sixties as a 276 and the 26th air division at Luke AFB AZ AZ 03/12/2012
Smith, Warren A. SMSgt 762nd RadarSquadron,North Turro, MA,? 877th AC&W Squadron,Elizondo Spain,? Keesler AFB Instructor Squadron,? 20th AIR Division Fort Lee, VA.? 648th Radar Squadron, Benton, PA. Smitty retired from the Air Force in 1978, Then worked at Cape Canaveral until he retired again in 1999 FL October, 2001
Soli, Randall T. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1956-1959 01/01/03
Sparber, Joshua Sgt 683rd AC&W Sq., Sweetwater, TX; 637th AC&W Sq., Othello, WA TN 08/05/02
Speidel, Warren 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959
Stacey, Joh LTCol Lifetime Radomes member, 35AD(SAGE),Det9/619TCS,615(NATO),963AEWC,116TCS OR 2013
Starbuck, Donald 707th 1958 - 1962 Computer Maint TX Jan-16
Stewart, Willie SSgt 786th ACWRON/RADS, Minot AFS, ND May, 2003
Stray, Charlotte Maj Ft. Lee, VA NV 11/01/04
Stoll, James 707th AC&W Sqd.  Grand Rapids, MN. in Operations from 1957-1960 3 Mar 2022
Stull, Edward 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 Sept 1984
Stump, Ned S. 707th 1956 - 1960 Operations NV Sep 2013
Suda, Robert E. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1958-1959 06/08/06
Sunder, Chuck AFRMA member and Lifetime Radomes member. Chuck served at Sparrevohn, Alaska.and Truax Field, Wisconsin. MN Aug 2015
Survis, Richard C. 707th Orderly Rm., 1959-62 MN Sept 2011
Sykes, Robert 707th AC&W Sqdn.
Thomas, Norman 707th AC&W Sqdn. 01/01/94
Tindell, Tommie B. 637th Othello AFS, WA, four tours, also AWACS WA 07/04/2012
Tolonen, Robert C 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1957-1960 Operations 07/01/09
Townsend, Melburn 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1959-1963 05/01/07
Trembly, George K. 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1956-1958 10/01/02
Tucker, Garry A3C Las Cruces AFS, NM; Middleton Island AFS, AK August, 2006
Turley, Thomas 707th AC&W Sqdn. 07/01/63
Turner, Jerome W (Jerry) A1C Air Police. Units: Africa, Japan and 637th AC&W, Othello, Wa.Served: Aug 54 to Aug 60 PA December, 2002
Turner, William (Bil) Lake City AFS, TN 1957-1960, Thule BMEWS 1961-1962. One of your webmasters best friends! CA 03/01/05
Tyrell, Joseph 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 08/01/99
Uselton, William C 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1957-1959 03/01/92
Vanantwerp, Bernard 707th AC&W Sqdn. 02/01/01
VanBenthuysen, William Sgt Highlands AFS? Dec 1964 to April 1967;? 4764th Radar Evaluation Sq, Hill AFB, UT Spring of 1967-Jan 1968 NJ Sept 3, 2009, buried with full military honors and two honor guards
Varney, William R. 707th 1958-1960 Operations 6 Mar 20
Vatsaas, Bendick J. 707th Motor Pool 1957-60 WA Jun 2012
VonBank, Donald 707th 1957 - 1960 Operations ND Oct 2010
Waddell, Donald L  707th 1957-59 FL 22 Jan 2016
Walker, Edwin CWO 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1956 ? 1958 CA Unknown
Walker, James (Hiram) 707th AC&W Sqdn. 1960s 05/01/08
Wallace, Robert (Bob) CMSgt Minot AFS, Finland AFS, Jacksonville NAS, Makah AFS Jan 2011
Watkins, John L. CMSgt 780th AC&W, Fortuna, ND NH March, 2001
Watkins, Robert 707th Bendix Rep 1956-67 CO
Whitman, Charles V. TSgt Chuck was a radar maintenance technician (30372) and served at Keesler an instructor, radar sites in North Dakota, Alaska, The Philippines, and Thailand FL 03/05/05
Wickstrom, Norman 707th AC&W Sqdn, early 1960s 10/13/93
Wilson, Arthur G. SMSgt 707th Operations, 1957-58 12/30/08
Wilson, Larry RCAF, Developer & owner of the DEW Line website 11/29/2020
Wingate, Frederich Major 707th AC&W Sqdn., 1958-59 CO 1997
Wolf, Stephen Okinawa, Thailand, MT Hebo Oregon Jan, 2016
Woodford, Charles LtCol 779th (Opheim AFS) Commander 1970-71 .? Joined Navy at age 17, then Army National Guard, joined Air Force in 1950, retired in 1971.? Was in C & Electronics MO 05/31/07
Yannotti, Patrick E. 707th 1961-1963 Radar Maint NY 2008
Zaronis, James 707th AC&W Sqdn, 1960s 02/01/04
Zembiec, Douglas Major, USMC Iraq - KIA 05/01/07
Zuris, John CMSgt Griffiss AFB NY 24 Air Division, NEADS; Vietnam, Watford City ND, Z-300 NV 06/01/10