Radar/SAGE Site Artifacts


Non-electronic radar or SAGE unit artifacts.

Items in the Radar/SAGE Site Artifacts Collection

Model 19 Teletype machine, with accessories. May be in working condition with a little cleanup. This was a common piece of equipment found in Comm Centers all across the USAF and other branches of service.

Also included are supplies, accessories…

This manual switchboard was removed from the derelict Communications Center at Calumat AFS, MI and brought to NADRM by Lt Col (Ret) Tom Scanlan. It is presently awaiting conservation & restoration.

This is a highly worn and galled AN/FPS-24 antenna azimuth bearing roller removed in 1971 or 1972 from the bearing assembly of the radar at the 754th AC&W Sqdn, Port Austin AFS, MI.

Size approx 2.5" diameter, 3" tall.
Weight approx 2 lbs.

Genuine Zippo lighter with the Ft. Yukon emblem and inscription "8 Miles North of the Arctic Circle".

Condition: New, perfect

Iceland radar station patches attached to a cardboard backing. The set is for two sites at Hofn (667th and 933rd), Keflavik (932nd), Langenes (667th), Latrar (934th) and Straumnes (934th). The set appears to be of reproductions; patches are new,…

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