Other Unit Emblems


Patches, decals, plaques, etc. from non-radar, non-SAGE units.

Items in the Other Unit Emblems Collection

Unmounted blue, red & white enameled chrome plated metal seal, approx 3.8" in diameter. Scratches on reverse.

Challenge coin created by James Siscel, an AFRMA and USAF RSV member.

Approx. half-dollar sized challenge coin. Received during a 2009 visit to KAFB.

Embroidered patch, 1959 William Tell World Wide Weapons meet.

Note from the contributor:
I was sent to William Tell World Wide Weapons Meet as an observer.

I was in a training unit at 4624 Support Squadron (ADC) at Hancock Field, Syracuse,…

The F-80 was an early 1950s vintage interceptor.
Probably a replica.

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